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Antti Alanko

Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication Design


Antti Alanko works as a senior lecturer in Turku UAS and has over 20 years of work experience in visual communication design with special interest in advertising, typography and information design.

His current research and development interests focus on developing pedagogical models for life-long learning, Productization in the Arts and Culture sector implementing and developing tools for Social Design and other co-creation methods.

Alanko has broad experience in adult education and entrepreneurship.



Graphic Designer / Art Director
Enala//Hyysalo Oy (2000–2004)

Owner / Designer
POP 3000 (2004–

Vocational Teacher
RASEKO (2008–2019)

Lecturer (2019–2021)
Senior Lecturer (2022–
Turku University of Applied Sciences

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Master of Culture and Arts
Culture and Media Entrepreneurship

Vocational Teacher, AmO

BA, Communication, Advertising